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Marja Jochemus

Marja Jochemus comes from an entrepreneurial family in Haarlem. With her family she lived just outside Paris for over 6 years. Once back in the Netherlands she went to work.

She worked for a large Amsterdam advertising agency, first as an HR manager and eventually as a member of the management team

A true hostess

In 2009 she started a B&B in her own house in Haarlem. She received guests from all over the world and got great reviews. During this period she discovered her love for being a hostess. This came in very handy when she started lunch restaurant Hofje Zonder Zorgen in 2010 and it became a great success. But in early 2020 Hofje Zonder Zorgen changed hands, because Marja thought it was time for something new!


With her company she wants to advise catering establishments and companies about hospitality and quality. “Because it is an art to give people the ‘welcome feeling'”, says hospitality manager Marja. She also started MA-DOME, a rental site with luxury bungalows next to Spaarnwoude Golf Course in Velsen-Zuid, and luxury apartments in southern France (Languedoc Roussillon).

Maison en France

“Marja Jochemus and Hans Romijn have been renting an apartment in the department of Aude in the region of Occitania since June of this year. They plan to stay there once every six weeks and rent out the apartment in high season. How did that idea come about?”

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Source: Maison en France